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CampTwo vans packed with excited campers, staff and gear left Brighton, Colorado, and headed west to the Rocky Mountains for a week of hiking, rafting, exploring nature, birding and much more as part of RMBO's Taking Flight camp. Summer Education Assistant Hannah Haas writes about this amazing week of camp and its impact on 15 young people.

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Western TanagerBirds can migrate thousands of miles a year between their breeding and wintering grounds. Where, exactly, do they go? What routes do they take and where do they stopover? RMBO biologists set out to answer these questions for Western Tanagers and Swainson's Thrushes that breed in Rocky Mountain National Park in a project for the National Park Service. CSU student Marina Rodriguez writes about this project and reveals whether the biologists successfully discovered where the birds go.

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Sage SparrowEarlier this year, RMBO hosted forums to gauge feedback on a new Decision Support Tool. The tool helps compare management options that ensure the economic viability of grazing lands with the habitat needs of sagebrush-dependent songbirds and grouse.

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ATFLBird banding brings us cool birds, interesting insights and always new questions, and this spring was no exception. We again shared these experiences with hundreds of visitors, from toddlers to school kids to adults of all ages. Without further ado, here are the birdy highlights from the spring.

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NighthawkEvery year at this time, we get calls from people who have spotted a baby bird out of its nest and want to know what to do. They're concerned, and rightfully so. We all love our feathered friends and want to see their little ones survive and prosper, so we put together this blog post to share some useful insights and resources with you.

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OROR Variety keeps life exciting. This is not only true in our personal experiences, but in the way we present our backyard habitats to those creatures we are attempting to attract to these feeding areas. David Menough, owner of Wild Birds Unlimited of Arvada, offers tips on a variety of attractors you can use to entice a diversity of birds.

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QuetzalSince many birds that breed in the Rockies and elsewhere in the western U.S. winter in Central America, it's important for Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory and partners to support and advance conservation abroad. In March, RMBO coordinated a landmark meeting in San Vito, Costa Rica, to determine the conservation status of the birds of Central America.


Sept. 5-7 - Colorado Birds of Yesterday and Today Field Trip

The Secret Lives of Birds Speaker Series at Denver Museum of Nature & Science:

Sept. 11 - The Beautiful World of the Birds-of-Paradise

Oct. 21 - Bird Sounds: From the Beautiful to the Bizarre

Nov. 5 - The Passenger Pigeon's Flight to Extinction


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2013 RMBO Annual Report

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